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private life and his $23 billin business. and he's a young man. zuckerberg and his company have recently come under attackac fo its privacy policies. critiques allege the site is not doing enough to protect personal information of its users. they posted into the zuckerberg universe, but may not realize that is the domain of facebook. next month, a new film will be released and it chronicles the beginnings of facebook and paints an unflattering image of mark zuckerberg. what is the real -- or who is the real mark zuckerberg? will the real mark zuckerberg please stand up. jose wrote this exclusive profile. congratulations on the pie. >> thank you. >> one thing that struck me, there's obviously the scandal about the information that's noble on facebook and then obviously the privacy mar of ma zuckerberg. is he as private as he is because he's the only one who really knows how much can be own about everybody else? and he's protecting himself. >> that's actually one of the things that surprised me. he has like 879 friends on facebook and he's actually pretty open about what he shares like wit
networking site facebook and its c.e.o., mark zuckerberg. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: with just over five weeks until the midterm elections, democrats in washington were grappling today with how to handle the bush-era tax cuts. senate leaders announced late thursday they'd wait until after the elections to vote on whether to end them. but today, house speaker nancy pelosi would not rule out action before november on extending tax breaks for the middle class. >> well, we will retain the right to proceed as we choose. we'll take it one day at a time am but let me, let me be very clear as we have all been clear and have democratic leadership. america's middle class will have a tax cut. it will be done in this congress. there is no question about that >> woodruff: on the senate side, the i
zuckerberg, and the real life drama that inspired the movie. >>> plus, kitchen time machine. a taste of the old south and a menu fit for george washington. we eat history with an up and coming master chef in tonight's plate list. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, sit ya cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," september 24th, 2010. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin tonight with debt collectors. it's understandable the banks want credit card customers to stay current with their bills. what's less easy to understand is how some debt collectors have gotten away with some very offensive behavior. especially shocking is the obscene, even racist language used in calls, placed at all times of the day and night. but now, it's been caught on tape. senior investigative correspondent brian ross brings us this report. brian? >> reporter: cynthia, complaints about debt collectors and their tactics remain by far the number one source of consumer complaints received by the federal trade commission. and based on what we
. the billionaire, mark zuckerberg of facebook fame and fortune. he's 26. he went to harvard. he's about to be the subject of a big new hollywood movie. tomorrow, he's announcing he's giving $100 million to the school system in newark, new jersey. by the way, the teachers there are the highest paid in the state of new jersey. the results there are awful, unacceptable in any society. and here's another example of private money at least trying to fix public schools. rehema ellis is at newark city hall tonight. >> reporter: good evening, brian. deep rooted problems need dramatic solutions. that usually requires lots of money, which the city is about to get. newark, it's the largest city in new jersey, with the biggest school problems. now getting help from a big name. 26-year-old billionaire mark zuckerberg, founder and ceo of facebook, is expected to give $100 million to newark schools. cory booker and the republican governor chris christie will join forces on the oprah winfrey show for the announcement tomorrow. education experts welcome the bipartisan effort. >> i think it's a great oppo
with you. >> rose: facebook was founded in 2003 by a 19-year-old harvard student named mark zuckerberg. the company has since grown into a global phenomenon with 500 million users and an estimated value of $25 billion. the invention of facebook has already been the subject of countless articles, several best-selling books and two major lawsuits. it's now a major motion picture. it's called "the social network" and here is the trailer. >> here you go. >> wait! >> rose: how do you do this thing where you manage to get all girls to hate us? >> i think i've come up with something. >> that looks really good. >> welcome to facebook. >> hi girls, >> hello. >> a million dollars isn't cool? what know what's cool? a billion dollars? >> you made facebook? >> this is our time. "the social network. >> rose: joining me now is the director david fincher. his previous films include fight club, zodiac and the curious case of benjamin button for which he earned an oscar nomination. also here screen writer aaron sorkin. his writing credits include the west wing, sports night and studio 60 on the sunset s
's saying about that. >>> and facebook feud, did mark zuckerberg dream of the facebook idea on his own or did he steal the idea from his harvard classmates. they settled for $65 million, now they'll tell us while they think they deserve more. now they'll tell us while they think they deserve more. monday, july 20, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> officials in bermuda are saying that they are still trying to assess the damage from hurricane igor. >> hurricane force winds and driving rain has led to extensive power outages. >> it looks pretty this morning. >>> also ahead, former president jimmy carter is in the house and we'll be speaking to him about a number of topics including the rise of the tea party, those two american hikerstill being detained in iran and what he seeses a his own place in history. >>> on a different note, there are new problems for lindsay lohan. could the troubled actress be sent back to jail after she admitted that she failed a court ordered drug test. w
facebook, mark zuckerberg made his fair share of enemies, accused of stealing the idea for the website, an allegation that will play out on the big screen. >> best friend is suing you for $600 million. >> i didn't flow that. tell me more. >> reporter: "the social network," hollywood's take on the web's biggest drama. >> 2200 hits within 2 hours. >> 22,000. >> reporter: depicting how facebook was founded in 2004, by then-harvard university sophomore, mark zuckerberg. the big screen account is anything but flattering. >> facebook. >> reporter: portraying zuckerberg as a socially awkward self-centered computer geek who stole the idea for facebook from friends as depicts in the film, the alleged betrayal paid off big. >> $1 million isn't cool. you know what's cool $1 billion. >> reporter: make the college dropout one of the world's richest people worth $4 billion by 25. but it didn't come without a cost. zuckerberg's former classmates, identical twins tyler and cameron, sued him in 2004, saying they hires the computer product did for help with their social networking site months before fac
. thanks. >> thanks. >>> mark zuckerberg has a lot more friends in new jersey today. he has agreed to donate $100 million to the city's school district. according to forbes, 26-year-old zuckerberg is worth more than $7 billion, that's $1 billion more than steve jobs. he spends more per student than any other district in new jersey including the rich districts but half of them graduate. adrian, let me begin with you. if you're looking at a district that spends more than any other district and is getting so little in terms of results, what do they expect to accomplish in terms of money. >> they're doing it very differently. the governor in new jersey has a radical plan for performing the school district. and this money, while it hasn't been said exactly how it's going to be used, we can assume because the governor's involved and mayor booker is involved who's also -- the two of them are very big supporters of school choice, of charter schools, of merit pay, that this is going to be what the unions in new jersey have been fighting since the governor took office and we're going to see
-old ceo is denying the portrayal of him in the film is accurate. zuckerberg hasn't seen the movie and says he won't, which the film's star understands. >> it might be an uncomfortable situation to watch a film that details some events that happened when you were 19. >> reporter: the movie portrays zuckerberg as a geeky technophile, power and betrayal even zuckerberg's best friend sues him. pop star justin timberlake plays the first facebook president. >> i kicked down the door to get into this film. >> reporter: most in the movie say they are in awe of what he created. >> he was able to invent something where you got to reinvent yourself. >> aaron sorkin knows reinvention. he did it after a cocaine bust in 2001. zuckerberg may be doing it, too. a week before "the social network" opened he donated 100 million dollars to newark, new jersey schools. so, while facebook is everywhere, zuckerberg may be looking for more friends right here at home. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >>> speaking of friends, a man in costa rica has friended an unusual pet the fisherman is close buddies with a 17-
district. in the case of mark zuckerberg, a lot of people see his motives as pr. the announcement coming today on the oprah winfrey show. >> breaking news. why facebook's young ceo says enough is enough and putting his money where his mouth is. >> the big donation, the same day a big movie about zuckerberg and facebook premiers. it's called "the social network." folks who have seen it say it doesn't come off that well. >> millions? >> you stole our website. >> they're saying we stole facebook. >> i know what he said. >> you know what cool? a billion dollars. >> you're going to get left behind. >> sue him in federal court. >> i can't wait to stand over his shoulder and watch you write this check. >> now, regardless of what his motives are, newark, new jersey can really use the 100 million shot in the arm. newark public schools are in a lot of trouble. it is new jersey's largest school district. over 40,000 students and it was taken over by the state in 1995. the headline of today's newark star ledger says is this really the way to fix newark schools. let's bring in the editor of the edito
in newark, new jersey. that's because facebook founder mark zuckerberg is set to announce a $100 million donation to newark's troubled public schools. it reportedly comes after zuckerberg met and friended mayor cory booker in july. zuckerberg, who is 26, is worth more than $9 billion. coming up next, the documentary that's exposing the failure of too many american schools to educate our kids >> couric: finally tonight, a lot of movies are coming out this fall, but one in particular is creating a lot of buzz among anyone who cares about education. yes, it features a caped superhero, but it's not designed to bring you thrills and excitement but make you think about the future of this country's most precious resource. here's michelle miller. >> reporter: right from the start the new documentary" waiting for superman" has a point of view and doesn't hold back. >> you wake up every morning and you know that kids are getting a really crappy education right now. >> so you think most of the kids here are getting a crappy education right now? >> oh, i don't think they are. i know they are. >> rep
? >>> is he a philanthropist or a phony? facebook founder mark zuckerberg is donating $1 million to the new york, new jersey school system. didn't know they had one. what for? well, newark was one of the worst school systems. only half of the students graduate. and of those, only a fifth go on to four-year colleges. the rest sadly become werewolves. but critics question the timing of the donation. they say the billionaire is simply polishing his image due to the released of the film "the social network" that talks about facebook and zuckerberg's rise to riches and fame. it paints him as a socially awkward, jerky jerk face, jerk. they say the donation is expected on friday on something called "the oprah winfrey show" whatever that is. it can't be more exciting than a dancing baby el -- elephant playing harmonica. >> good luck competing with that oprah show. is this timing a coincidence with the movie coming out? >> i think, yeah. he had no idea that the timing of this would be so spot on. >> i was screaming and talking. >> who is down there? who is down there? >> how long have you worked her
of facebook, mark zuckerberg, gave a $100 million gift to the city of newark, new jersey public school system, and now the questions start about what happens next, where the money goes. all this happening, by the way, as nbc news gets ready to launch "education nation" here at 30 rockefeller plaza, shining a spotlight on education issues nationwide. our education correspondent, rehema ellis, with us tonight from newark with more. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. for months, the mayor of newark has been working on a plan to improve his city's schools which have some of the worst graduation rates in the nation. today his not so secret secret plan was made public. ceo and founder of facebook, come on out here, guys. come on out. >> reporter: the official announcement came on one of tv's biggest stages, the oprah winfrey show. >> his first project will be a $100 million challenge grant. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook, announced a grant to help newark's struggling schools. the sky 26-year-old billionaire wanted to make an anonymous gift but was convinced to change
19. >> reporter: the movie portrays zuckerberg as a geeky technophile, power and portrayal. even zuckerberg's best friend sues him. pop star justin timberlake plays the first facebook president. >> i kicked down the door to get into this film. >> reporter: most in the movie say they are in awe of what he created. >> he was able to invent something where you got to reinvent yourself. >> aaron sorkin knows reinvention. he did it after a cocaine bust in 2001. zuckerberg may be doing it, too. a week before "the social network" opened he donated 100 million to newark, new jersey schools. so, while facebook is everywhere, zuckerberg may be looking for more friends right here at home. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >>> speaking of friends, a man this costa rica has friended an unusual pet. the fisherman is close buddies with a 17-foot crocodile, oh, yeah, he rescued the crock 20 years ago when he found it along the river with a gunshot to the head. he tried to release the crocodile back into the lake but the creature followed him back home and ever since they've been bffs. >>> this
, the young force behind facebook, mark zuckerberg, is making headlines all his own. he's already a billionaire. and, he said today he wants to help the schools in newark, new jersey, to the tune of $100 million. here's john berman. >> reporter: city of newark, you've just been friended on facebook. the $100 million pledge from facebook founder mark zuckerberg could have a huge impact on an education system where 46% of students fall to graduate high school. but who is mark zuckerberg? the 26-year-old kid with a grown-up checkbook, and no direct ties to newark? he's the young man who created the social networking site with more than 500 million users, from his harvard dorm room. >> there's an enormous sense of pride. >> reporter: he's the young man who is now number 35 on "forbes" magazine's list of richest americans. higher than apple ceo steve jobs. and he's also clearly a man who understands timing and perhaps diversion. his announcement tomorrow on "oprah" comes the same day as the release of the new feature film, "social network," which depicts him as ruthless. >> your action
>>> good morning. nice friend and facebook founder mark zuckerberg agrees to donate $100 million to a school district. sheer generosity or a way to divert attention? >>> doctors find a giant tumor in a pregnant woman and cut her lower body. >>> too hath hot for sesame street? a new duet has some parents outraged. is it too much for the youthful set? we'll let you decide today, thursday day, september 23rd, 2010. >>> welcome this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. if you're mark zuckerberg, you can give away a lot. he has give in a way a lot. >> he now lives in new york state. he has given away $100 million to a school district in new jersey. i will tell you about the timing of this gift, just before the much anticipated movie of the creation of facebook that portrays zuckerberg as a backstabber. >>> also ahead, the debate, charges back and forth, today is the day some of the new health care rules will actually take effect. i'll tell you what they mean for you and your family coming up in a little while. >>> new details on the round the clockwork in chile to
design center for two beautiful ways to save. >>> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is hoping to make a status update for schools in new jersey. he's donating a whopping $100 million in facebook stock as part of his new start-up education foundation. nbc news education correspondent rehema ellis has more. >> reporter: newark, it's the largest city in new jersey, with the biggest school problems. now getting help if a big name. 26-year-old billionaire mark zuckerberg, founder and ceo of facebook, is expected to give $100 million to newark schools. >> a lot of teachers come out of to school -- >> reporter: democratic mayor cory booker and republican governor chris christie will join forces on the oprah winfrey show for the announcement tomorrow. they welcome the bipartisan effort. >> i think it's a great opportunity. first, to launch a real dialogue for the city of newark but how to give everyone excellent education. we need money to drive thrresous to the program to get results. >> reporter: the schools desperately need help. under state control since 1995, they spend about $22,000 per pupil ea
, this is "world news now." >> it is funny how cynical some folks can be. zuckerberg gave 100 million bucks to newark schools. is that to soften his image because there's movies coming out october 1st that doesn't make him look too great? >> given he's the biggest gainer on the "forbes 400" list. it does seem like he has plenty of change. nonetheless he still gave away a lot, which a lot of people wouldn't do. >> to a good cause. you can't argue with that. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> iran's president is provoking more than the usual amount of controversy this morning after his remarks at the united nations. >> americans were so infuriated they simply walked out. jake tapper reports on all the drama. >> reporter: in a speech to the united nations, president obama underlined he wants to end the conflict with iran through peaceful means. >> the united states and the international community seek a resolution to our differences with iran and the door remains open to diplomacy should iran choose to walk through it. >> reporter: but just a few hours later the i
counselor in your community, call us or visit debtadvice dot org. >>> we know facebook's mark zuckerberg has been making headlines since last week. he made a big donation. >> of course this week "the social network," the movie about him, has been released. >> you guys were the inventors of facebook. you invented facebook. >> reporter: in courtroom drama style, "the social network" tells the creation story of facebook from three distinct points of view. mark zuckerberg, the precocious hacker who launched the site from his harvard dorm room. eduardo sererin, mark's early partner. and the winkelvoss twins. >> i'm 6'5", 220, there's two of me. >> reporter: who also sued and settled for tens of millions but still claim publicly zuckerberg stole their idea. >> i've committed to starting the startup education foundation whose first project will be a $100 million challenge grant -- >> $100 million? >> reporter: facebook's baby-faced millionaire appeared on oprah. whether the timing is intentional or not, this zuckerberg -- >> every child deserves a good education. >> reporter: is a stark contrast to
. >>> as we first told you on thursday, facebook founder mark zuckerberg is donating $1 million to one school district in new jersey. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. that announcement will have a billing impact on the schools here in newark. 26-year-old billionaire zuckerberg will make an unprecedented hit this morning as a guest on "the oprah winfrey sho show". when it comes to making big gift announcements, there's no better venue than "the oprah winfrey show." >> everybody gets a car! >> reporter: and today is tradition continues. facebook millionaire mark zuckerburg is set to come and make a $1 million donation to -- it's the largest known public donation ever by zuckerberg, worth an estimated $6.7 billion, he has no ties to new jersey or newark, causing some to wonder if this very big gift could be a very big public relations maneuver. >> a million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool? a billion dollars. >> reporter: the offer comes one week after the movie about facebook's founding and portraying zuckerberg as a socially awkward, unscrupulous computer gee
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. >>> and facebook founder, mark zuckerberg saw his name rise more than anybody else on the list. zuckerberg is donating $100 million to the newark, new jersey, school system. it's an effort to turn around one of the worst school systems in the country. >> that puts him seven notches higher than apple's steve jobs. so young to be at that level. >> just a little jealous. >>> coming up next on this thursday, the new debate over mammograms and lasik eye surgery. should it be banned? >>> and new secrets revealed about the sinking of the "titanic." [ female announcer sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's new motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. new motrin pm. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare, exclusive ion2 com
, co-founder and founder lee ellis. google founder. facebook founder, mike zuckerberg. number 35, he's worth $6.9 billion. ceo curt schmitt comes in with 5 million. you can add schmitt and elafin to that list. you have to be worth at least $1 billion to make forbes list. >>> they're hoping to strike it rich with their music. they're part of a group called my servia. they're hosting an event for kids later this month. >> i like the beatles, but i like early madonna. >> she likes the beatles. an all-day music festival on saturday. all proceeds will go to that school. no sweet sounds of victory for the giant tonight, huh? >> not for the giants. steve jobs and zuckerberg walking down the street in pal'spal' owe -- palo alto last week. no kidding, from my source. stay with us of the our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new
the big new push. jay dow has details. >> reporter: 26-year-old facebook founder mark zuckerberg, worgt $6.9 billion, is opening up his sizable checkbook for students in newark, new jersey's, troubled school system. >> i think it will be a symbol that can be replicated across the whole country. i think these are the guys to get it done. >> mayor booker and governor christie accepted zuckerburg's gift on friday's" oprah winfrey show." >> $100 million. >> reporter: and appeared together again today in newark. behind the buzz, the grant stands to put newark on the path to real change and calls for the city to take a bigger role in running its floundering school system, which the state took over back in 1995. despite a yearly state-funded budget of more than $900 million for 40,000 students, newark has a staggering 46% dropout rate. >> how do you ward off the perception that this gift is just throwing more money at the probable? >> this money is going to give us the flexibility and i hopefully-- and i believe it will be-- strategically invested to give us the competitive advantage to transform
that to buyers. >> one of the richest people in america will be lighter for a good cause. mark zuckerberg announcing that $100 million donation to the newark still district in new jersey, believed to be the largest donation he ever made. yesterday foeshs magazine reported the 26-year-old has a net worth of billion was dollars. recently two men who are also in the top 10 on the list, bill gates and paul allen are definitely in the top 10. they made headlines for large donations to urban schools. zuckerberg is in the movie social network that paints him in a less than charitable light. >> as you get ready for school, handing out lunch money, here's a story that affects what your kids eat at school. if congress does not act by friday, money will run out for the federal school lunch program. it looks like a final vote could happen as soon as today. >> what washington sends your school to pay for lurch hasn't changed in over 30 years. congress wants to bump it up by about a nickel per meal. it's not enough. fairfax county, virginia loses 58 to 77 cents on every meal. >> we are adding fruits an
on oprah with facebook billionaire founder mark zuckerberg who used the occasion to announce an incredible $100 million donation to help fix one of the nation's worst public school systems, that of newark, new jersey's largest city whose mayor is playing a central role in this extraordinary effort. >> $100 million? >> before we hear from all three men, christy, booker and zuckerberg, and before kimberly talks live in our studio with the fill's producer, hi, kim kimberly hi. >> here is shannon bream with the big picture. >> either the kids are getting stupider every year or something is wrong in the education system. >> shannon: the man behind the ex-ploy suv education documentary waiting for superman says it is the latter. david's movie about the u.s. public school system will hit theaters. it follows students and their families on their uphill battle to secure good education in a system gugenheim labels broken. d.c. public school chancellor michelle reid laided by some for her innovative ideas features prominently in the documentary and says it is time the country got a good look at what
and facebook founder mark zuckerberg. understandably the city is thrilled. the big question is how will the money be spent. ron allen now joins us. before we talk about this incredible donation, there's not a shortage of money coming into the school district. it's about how the money has been spent in the past. >> right, and who controls the money. the state has been under control for 15 years. the test scores are so low. the graduation rate is so low. the deal mark zuckerberg is making is he wants the mayor of newark to be in charge of the school system. that's the string that comes with the gift. apparently, of course, they're going to go for that. the governor will will have some veto authority. he's reformed minded mayor. he'll do things like more charter schools, higher standards for teachers, higher standards for pupils. things that teachers unions tend not to like. it could cause friction. but that's what you get for $100 million. >> why did mike zuckerberg focus on newark? >> he's from west chester, new york, i believe. he met cory booker at a meeting or dinner or someone.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 194 (some duplicates have been removed)